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  1. I am a fulltimer thinking about starting a business and would like to know some of the ins and outs of a mobile business. I have had several businesses before and my cpa is telling me a lot of deductions can’t be taken as the irs looks at full timers as vagabonds. We have had several jobs in the past years and some were even 40 hr per week. are there no deductions for moving from one job to another which is why I am thinking about a mobile business of selling and setting up dealers. thank you in advance for your reply. Condy

    • Yes, Condy, there are some depending on how you document your travel and the purpose of your travels. You may deduct your travel to a new job site if it is in the same line of work as a job search just as you would for preparing and sending out resumes. As an employee it would be a Sch A Miscellaneous deduction. As a SE business it would be a business expense. Just don’t get carried away so that you cause undue attention to yourself. George

  2. What has more of an advantage? Motorhome or 5th wheel. I understand you can deduct your interest on the unit. I have heard that you can’t deduct your mileage on your truck if you have a 5th wheel unit vs. you can deduct mileage on a motorhome if you are moving from one job to another.

  3. Hi George,
    Looking for some advice. We are full timers, with no house property. We are S Dakota “residents”. We volunteer for the US Fish & Wildlife Service, where we typically receive a free campsite with utilities in exchange for 20 to 32 hours a week work. Some of the positions involve us driving our personal vehicle from the campsite to the work location, and we also drive the motor home from one assignment to the next. My question: Is any of the mileage tax deductible?

  4. Barbara, at, there is a bookstore section where you may download or order a DVD set of “Workamper Tax Pro Secrets”. In it I discuss 1) What Is A Domicile, 2) Deducting Travel Expenses, and 3)What Is A Home Base. There is also a disk of course material and worksheets. Contact me at george@RVTaxMaster if you would like more information.


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