Background and Mission

I have been a tax professional for over 33 years. I am licensed
to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. I have a Masters in Business Administration and strive to offer consulting services to individuals and business and as to tax planning as well as tax preparation.

I have also spent over 15 years living in and traveling in a 35′
motorhome while working on the road. This column is intended to help other RVer’s, who also travel and work, to understand what their tax obligations will be as they work in various states and what deductions they might be entitled to claim on their returns.

I want to help RVer’s to understand their tax entitlements and
responsibilities so that they may utilize the tax laws to their advantage, and to plan their live goals for a purpose driven life.

George M Montgomery

9 thoughts on “Background and Mission

  1. I saw your online class with Workamper. I was wondering if your class covers any details regarding renting out your home while workamping…and the tax consequences.

    • No, the class does not cover that particular idea. That may be a topic that I might cover on this blog. It is a highly technical issue and would dake a lot of personal discussion with a client: can they or do they have the temprament for handeling rental property, are they ready to give up the “home base” and be a full timer. It can be verry beneficial. It could be a tax disaster.

    • John, it does take some time to set up 2-8 hours. I’ve forgotten. The set up done by FatCow (my host) was farily simple with WordPress. What took time was deciding what and what not to cover and to compose and leave out of the material. Once set up it take time to write each day. As you can probably see I have neglected it for several weeks now. I also run a tax practice at I have done some outside per diem work for another firm. Now I see that was short sited on my part. Had I been here (where I really wanted to be) I could have picked up enough new clients, like you, to have made up the difference. Do you need to file an extension for your 2011 tax return?

  2. I just found an add for your tax program and am trying to find it on line. Is it still available? My husband and I are really interested in deductions from travel to jobs.

    • There is an audio disk set w/ a PowerPoint presentation on Workamper News’ website: Look for their online “bookstore”. Workamper News has a lot of listings for RVer’s who travel and work at seasonal jobs. You may contact me at

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