Workamper Rendezvous April 2012

I have just returned from Heber Springs, AR and the April 2012  Workamper Rendezvous.  It was a week long session of classes and seminars, lunches and dinners for the experienced Workamper and for the Workamper dreamer: RV maintenance, RV safety and security, RV driving techniques, resumes tailored for the seasonal RV’er and my gerere, filing multiple state returns and duductions that may – or may not- be available to the RV’er.   They were all absorbant minds open to knowledge and education and eager to learn.  While very experienced both as a RV’er and as a Workamper, myself, I enjoyed watching and participating in the networking with everyone on techniques and skills.  Steve Anderson, Chief Dreamer of the Workamper organinzation, is laying the foundation for a close knit family who enjoy meeting and sharing with one another their background and experiences.

As I visited with the attendees, I was amazed at the confusion and lack of knowledge that people have about our tax laws and how it pertains to them. I guess it demonstrates how complex and complicated our tax laws have grown.   For some, because their income is purposefully or by circumstances limited, the tax laws do have little impact on their lives.  Other’s, even though way short of the upper 1% (try the upper 75%); knowing what Uncle Sam will do to them taxwise, and  planning to minimize that impact, can be as important as getting a 25% raise.

The tax season rush is over for me, for now, and I can get back to writing again on this blog.  I’ll go back to writing about my experiences and some tax comments and tips.