Decision To Fulltime Oct. 13, 2011

When my wife and I returned from New England, after that first year getaway, in the fall of 1995, we were so full of excitement. It was like one long, long camping weekend after which we did not have to return to work on Monday. We had stopped in beautiful campgrounds on the edge lakes, toured and visited Graceland, the Hermitage, and the delicious and interesting Amish country. We spent 6 weeks in New England; trying to eat all of the lobster that had been caught on the East Coast that season and visiting every museum that we could find. It had been a relaxing trip visiting various places that we had heard or read about; places we’d seen in movies, or read about in novels or in the news or history. This trip brought this big country, the USA, to life and brought a greater depth of understanding of just what it means to be a citizen; to walk the hallways and climb the stairs that Elvis Presley, Andrew Jackson, and the founding fathers had walked. Not all in the same building, of course. We got an appreciation of the same countryside that inspired writers such as Nathaniel Hawthorn and Washington Irving. I grew up in Oklahoma and spent most of my life there. Most of the buildings there were no more than 50-75 years old. In the cities back East you often see houses and buildings 200 years old and occasionally 300 years old!

I had toured the eastern part of the U.S. before, traveling in a British sports car, solo and caravanning with other like enthusiasts. (See the blog For The Love of Ruby at “”.) I had been on business trips where I had flown to other parts of the country, but I had always stayed in hotels, sleeping in strange beds and living out of a suitcase. What was different about this trip, it was in a 30’ motorhome. I could sleep in my own bed at night. I had all my clothes in my closet or in my clothes chest and not have to pack and repack each day. We had our own food and cooked our own meals
in our own kitchen. We towed a small car to do all of our sightseeing with. I had my own library of books and home movies to watch; my own guitar to serenade at night while sipping a scotch or brandy from my own favorite glass. We had our own home with us. This was traveling and seeing, doing exciting new things …and still be living at home. What’s not to like.

We originally planned to do this for a couple of years, but, what if we could find some way to earn money while we traveled? Wow!

While we worked through the winter and spring (I had promised that I would come back and work for the accountant who had taken over my tax practice) we began to think of where we could go and work doing tax preparation seasonally. That spring we headed for South Texas to make contacts for the following year.