Hello world!

Hello! This is the initial statement for the RV Tax Master web site. It is intended to answer tax questions for RVer’s who travel and work while they are on the road.

I had a tax accounting practice in Oklahoma City for 20 years, performing monthly and quarterly booking services, tax preparation and more importantly quarterly or annual business and tax counseling for individuals and small business owners. I felt it was important to meet quarterly, if not semi-annually, to review their business activity, their
goals and objectives and determine whether they are still on track and what steps were necessary if they weren’t. This planning help the client to stay focus on their business operation, to remind them why they were in business in the first place and to not just get lost in their day to day activity of making a living and keeping the lawn at home mowed and getting their kids to little league practice.

After 20 years of working with people, I felt that there had to be more to life for myself. I re-examined my own goals and desired. I had always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places: national parks, museums, and historical places. While doing cross country touring in a Triumph sports car (see the blog: LoveRuby.com – to be online shortly), I really enjoyed the side trips and stops our Oklahoma City Triumph club would make. Although I enjoyed my work, business and tax consulting, I began to regret having to
return to work at the end of a two week trip. Finally, in April 1995, with the blowing up of the Murrah Federal office building, my wife (she worked a block away in the Federal Reserve Bank building) and I begin to feel that this life was too short to just wait for our retirement in order to do the things that we really wanted to do. By that September I found someone to take over my tax practice, sold our house, bought a 30′ motorhome and hit the road. Our initial intent was to travel and sight see all that we could of this country for a couple of years; then return to re-start our lives in another home with new
jobs or businesses. After spending the first Fall touring the eastern part of the US and considerable time spent in New England, we returned to Oklahoma City to spend the winter and make plans for the next year.